20 best LOVE songs of all time!

It’s here. The season of love and mush is here! Heart Balloon emoticon (Valentine Emoticons)

Yup. This is one of those times when you’ll see everything from heart shaped balloons to heart shaped candy everywhere you go! Valentine’s Day on the whole doesn’t really phase me, but the one thing I love most about this season is that I get to listen to my favorite kind of music all around me.

Love and music are camaraderies. They always go hand in hand and we can’t really talk about love without thinking about some of our favorite tunes. My taste in music is quite diverse.. I love anything from Imagine Dragons to Air Supply, from Calvin Harris to Christina Perri. I’m also a chronic “put it on repeat” listener, where I listen to a track until I can’t stand it any longer. 😀

However, I knew it was important to overcome my over-saturation and remember what made me so crazy about the below tunes in the first place. Also, let’s face it, I just need a reason to talk and write about music and I don’t miss any opportunity I get to do so! 😀 So, to stay in the spirit of Valentine’s day, below is a compilation of some of my favorite tunes! 

Warning: These songs might get stuck in your head and I am not responsible for any random breakouts into song and dance! dancing emoticon

Let’s get started… dance party dj emoticon


20) The Police – Every Breath You Take

19) Ellie Goulding – Love me like you do


18) Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply

Listen on Youtube

17) Glenn Medeiros – Nothing’s gonna change my Love

16) Robbie Williams – Feel

Listen on Youtube

15) Kina Grannis – Be my Valentine

Listen on Youtube

14) The Pogues – Love you till the End

13) Air Supply – Making Love Out of Nothing At All

12) Backstreet Boys – Quit Playing Games

11) La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf/Daniela Andrade

10) Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars


9) Vaults – One Last Night

8) Bruno Mars – Just the way you are

Listen on Youtube

7) Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett – Way back into Love

Listen on Youtube

6) U2 – With or Without You

Listen on Youtube

5) Hoobastank – The Reason

4) Time of my Life – Dirty Dancing

3) Enrique Iglesias – Hero

Listen on Youtube

2) Coldplay – Fix You

Listen on Youtube

1) Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

Listen on Youtube

So, there you have it. These are some of my favorite LOVE songs. I have tried to avoid mentioning the ones that have been part of my previous music posts (If they are still there, then I love them way too much and couldn’t leave them out!I Dunno Hand Gesture emoticon (Hand gesture emoticons)). I have also created a playlist of the above mentioned songs on Youtube, so you can listen to them in one go. Hope these songs brighten your day & mood, as they do mine! 🙂

Thank you for taking the time out of your crazy day to come in and read my post. 
Until next time….

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