Top 10 Travel Safety Tips


Discovering new places and expanding our horizons is what traveling is all about, is it not?

We all want to get to our destinations safely and explore the new city / country we are in without unnecessary stress or hassle. It is therefore quite imperative to follow some practical safety tips well in advance that can probably save us from unnecessary glitches and ensure a stress-free and safe travel experience!

These are tips I have learnt from real experience. I hope they provide great insight and become a part of your travel routine as well. 🙂

Without further ado, let’s take a look at my Top Travel Safety Tips,

Do your research

Doing your research is the first rule of travel. It is always wise to learn and research as much as you possibly can about the new country or city you are visiting. Right from your hotels to safe areas to stay in the city, current political situation, cultural norms, weather, etc. Never head off to your destination blindly, it is better to be prepared and avoid unpleasant surprises after reaching your destination.

Get Travel Insurance

Always, always, always get insurance! Some countries insist on getting and submitting insurance details before issuing visa but most others don’t. Don’t ever take chances and always get yourself some travel insurance before heading off to a new country.

Learn basic phrases and words in the local language

It is always smart to know some basic words like hello, thank you, help, hospital, embassy, etc in the local language. Google will always help but you never know how great the local network is until you get there. Write down some basic phrases on your phone and keep them handy in case of emergencies!

Keep a tab on your expenses

Even though we book our hotels and tickets well in advance, we sometimes end up spending more than we initially plan for after getting to our destination. It is best to keep a tab on expenses from the very beginning and research places well in advance.

Shopping and food can really add up. Apart from some souvenirs, I rarely shop while traveling. My focus is more on seeing new places than buying stuff for myself (unless something really stands out). But researching in advance about the city’s best shopping destinations will help you a great deal.

Food is another area we often tend to ignore but can quickly add up. It is best to research restaurants well in advance since food in some cities and countries can be ridiculously overpriced. I’m talking about you, Switzerland! 😒

Reiterating on my first point, always research and plan ahead, no matter what!

Keep your belongings safe

Less luggage = More comfort, it is as simple as that! The more you carry, the harder it will be to keep track of your belongings. Make sure you always carry portable locks for your luggage and have an anti-theft / slash proof bag or backpack when you are carrying passports, money and important documents. Carrying a portable travel safe can also be incredibly useful.

Don’t flash your wealth in public

Don’t wear or carry your expensive jewelry, watches, bags, etc,. while traveling. It will first and foremost grab unnecessary attention and it will also be a hassle to protect them all the time. Protecting your passport and money is a big enough job, don’t add more to your kitty!

Pay attention and Be aware of your surroundings

This actually helped us a great deal when we were in Paris. We were standing and taking pictures near the Seine river that overlooks the Eiffel Tower and I saw a guy coming closer and closer to us. I sensed he probably wanted to grab our backpack (which btw had our whole life.. passports, money, etc) and my husband quickly put the backpack on. When we started walking towards the stairs, he started walking behind us as well. We waited and let him pass us before going up the stairs to the main road. He had no choice but to go up and join his friends standing on the other side. This was in broad daylight btw and he was quite brazen in his approach.

Paris is quite famous for these things. People are always looking to either spam you or steal from you. They work in groups and take advantage of distracted tourists. It is absolutely imperative to be aware of your surroundings, especially in a new city or country.

Keep emergency information handy

Always make a note of local emergency contact numbers like police, fire department and ambulance. Having your country’s embassy details can also come in handy in times of need.

Carry a First aid kit

Carrying your own emergency first aid kit is absolutely crucial during your travels. You never know if your hotels or airbnbs have an emergency kit handy and you definitely would not want to run around to find a pharmacy at the last minute. Always, always, always carry your own!

Rest well and keep track of your health

Most of us forget to take care of ourselves while traveling since we are so eager to see new places. Always keep yourself hydrated, apply tons of sunscreen and take breaks in between to rest. A little bit of rest every few hours will help you a great deal and keep you up and running for a long time!

So, there you go – These are my Top Travel Safety Tips! I hope you enjoyed reading through them. Do share some of your tips in the comment section below. I’m sure we can learn from each other’s experiences and plan incredibly fun & safe vacations going forward! 🙂

Stay safe and Keep Traveling!

Until next time…

See you in the skies! 🙂

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