Leaving paw prints on our hearts…

still remember the day we got my dog home. He was the biggest and cutest among the bunch of Dobermans’ we chose from… also the strongest! 😀 Couldn’t lift him even when he was a pup. But when this new member got added on to our family, everything changed. ‘Rambo’ we named him. That’s right! My dad and brother had just watched that movie then, and so they gave me two options, Rambo or Mogambo! Yeah, can you believe that? So we decided ‘Rambo’ it is. He was a police dog after all, so that name suited him best.

He was more a person to us than just a pet. He was the most pampered at home. Always knew how to get what he wanted! 🙂 He was almost like a connecting plug, and everybody’s life revolved around him. My brother and I would always rush back home early to be with him. The moment we would return home, he would run out of the house and greet us with his warm hugs and licks. He was the most intelligent being I have ever come across. He understood all our moods and tones really well. Always knew whom to go to when he wanted something. He was my constant companion, and an important part of my life.

Dogs are such generous creatures. They teach you a lot of things. They shower their affection without expecting anything in return. We are the focus of their love, faith and trust. They fill our lives with their ever constant love, companionship, boundless energy, loyalty and soulfulness. They give us their absolute all.
We always want our pets to live with us forever. If human beings can live for around 80-90yrs, why can’t animals live for at least half of that? Right? Their time here with us is not for as long as we’d like it to be. It may be because they are able to give us all the goodness they have within them, to us, and do it so well that their mission here with us is over faster than it might be for us, humans. They can touch and mold our hearts, our spirits, and our minds. And by doing so, they bring us a little closer to embracing, within ourselves, the goodness they are, which is grander than any concept of humanity.

It was the hardest thing for me to deal with when he fell ill. I’d always hoped he would make it to his 13th birthday. Always thought he would come back home no matter what. But reality is not usually what you would like it to be. Our society, though, may not understand how distressful the event really is. They don’t think you need to grieve for a pet. He was not “just a pet”, but an important family member. This member helps us define who we are and what we mean when we say the word “family”.

I can never forget or replace the radiant place he holds in my heart. But I can always hold on tight to the wonderful memories of how he taught us to live, love and laugh. I was lucky to have such an amazing dog and I am glad I had as long as I did with him.

Love you now and always.


6 thoughts on “Leaving paw prints on our hearts…

  1. very well said abt y dogs have a shorter lifetime… But its so true… animals in general are such honest creatures… sometimes i feel v humans have utilized our so called “sophisticated” brain in all wrong ways… its high time v learn from these animals..


  2. I miss him so much….. 😦

    Taking a call to put him to sleep was the worst and painstaking decision I have ever taken in whole of my life.

    Hugs and Kisses my baby!!



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