What makes YOU smile?

I always know I’m in a good mood or feeling happy if I catch myself sporting a big goofy grin just going about my day-to-day business. All it takes is a simple moment or a kind word to perk me up and get me grinning. However, sometimes, and I don’t think I’m alone on this, a smile is a lot harder to come by than it should be. In an attempt to make every day smile worthy, I’ve put together a list of little things that always leave me with a happy feeling. Check them out and add your own! 🙂

1) Looking at old pictures
2) Perfect Weather
3) Watching the sunset/sunrise
4) Belly aching laughs and sore cheeks 🙂
5) Smell of the earth after it rains.
6) When the radio/tv plays my two favorite songs in a row.
7) Young-at-heart attitudes people have, regardless of their biological age.
8) The magic I feel when I see a rainbow forming.
9) Lying on the ground and staring at the starlit sky.
10) Days when I wake up, and I know its gonna be a good day.
11) Walks on cool, breezy nights.
12) Hugs
13) Laughter, which is indeed contagious!
14) Silly and over dramatic conversations with friends.
15) The first rain of summer.
16) The view of the mountains, early in the morning.
17) Reliving good, old memories with friends.
18) Happy conversations with family.
19) A nice, heartfelt chat with a close friend.
20) Being over emotionally happy.
21) Listening to old stories of growing up years. 
22) Hot coffee on a cold day.
23) Sitting next to the window and looking out at the rain.
24) Playing with kids and becoming one yourself.
25) Watching scary movies with friends.
26) Catching someone’s eye and having them smile.
27) Seeing a child giggle.
28) A walk in the park, after it rains.
29) Smell of freshly ground coffee beans.
30) Songs that I can listen to over and over again.
31) Compliments from people who truly mean it.
32) Moments when people close to you know exactly what you are thinking, even without you telling them.
33) Last minute outings.
34) Dancing or just plain jumping around, till your legs go numb.
35) Splashing through puddles.
36) The way dogs jump around when they are excited.
37) Lazy days spent in peace and quiet.
38) Receiving good news, first thing in the morning.
39) The feeling of satisfaction that washes over you after a good workout.
40) The smell of grass after it has just rained.
41) Family get-togethers.
42) A good conversation.
43) Films that make me cry.
44) Innocent and adorable questions asked by kids.
45) Taking pictures.
46) Singing loud to my heart’s content.
47) Watching really, really, good movies(You know the ones).
48) Savoring the last bite of a good meal.
49) Laughing until you’re unsure of what you were laughing about in the first place. 😛
50) ‘Feeling Alive’
51) Happy endings.
52) Silly romantic movies.
53) Sweet dreams that make you wish they were real.
54) Eating sour candy, real slow.
55) An unexpected act of kindness from someone.
56) Being there for someone.
57) Making the right choices and feeling good about it.
58) Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.
59) Traveling to and exploring new and exciting places.
60) Making someone else smile.
61) Being around people who are enthusiastic and have a zest for life.
62) When things turn out exactly as I had imagined.
63) When someone sings a song, I was just thinking about.
64) The moment when only you and your best friend know what you are smiling about. 😛
65) Knowing that everything’s gonna be okay.
66) Little smiling children
67) Late night chats
68) Water slides
69) Quick wit
70) Surprises
71) Quotes
72) Happy music
73) Long drives
74) Happy tears
75) Reunions
76) Fireworks
77) Laughing babies
78) Puppies
79) Dark chocolate
80) Day dreaming
81) Chirping birds
82) Fresh flowers
83) An unexpected visit from an old friend.
84) The beach, early in the morning.
85) Listening to music that fits the mood.
86) New year’s day, which always brings with it new hopes and dreams for the year ahead.
87) Walking along the sea shore.
88) The time when you wake up and realize that you still have a few more hours left to sleep.
89) The anticipation of the future and all it holds.
90) Days when everything seems to go just right.
91) Family outings
92) Big and beautiful trees
93) Reading a good book.
94) Good photography
95) Candles that smell really good.
96) Clear skies
97) Sounds of the ocean.
98) Watching an old couple walk hand in hand.
99) Watching old family videos.
100) The fact that this was supposed to be a list of 10 things but went up to ‘100’ before i realised! 😀

3 thoughts on “What makes YOU smile?

  1. woOt!!! awesome!! girl u r simply superb!! i actually imagined each and every moment u have listed!! 🙂 Great!!! u get a 100 on 100! 🙂


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