Malaysia Travel Guide

It’s been a little over two weeks since I returned from my vacation. And damn, it already feels like a distant dream! 😐
It was so nice to get away from routine life for a while! *sigh* I think everyone needs a holiday at least once a year, if not twice! 😀 It doesn’t necessarily have to be a vacation abroad (and it’s also definitely NOT possible to go on vacations outside the country so frequently either! 😀) But any place away from home and office for a few days would be a welcome change and any period between a week or fortnight would be good enough for anyone to mull things over, re-energize themselves and put things in perspective every now and then. 


So post Thailand, we headed to Malaysia. We landed in KL International Airport on a bright, sunny afternoon. My first impression of Kuala Lumpur as we entered the city was that it was so much cleaner and much better planned than Bangkok. Traffic was not that chaotic either. Locals spoke fluent English there, unlike Bangkok. But keeping these reasons aside, Bangkok was definitely a much livelier city and had so much happening in terms of everything when compared to KL. The reason I was making ready comparisons in my head between Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur was because they were the two major cities I visited on my trip.

The first thing I saw (looked for) as we entered KL were the Petronas Towers. They can be very easily spotted from almost everywhere in the city and to an extent – from outside the city as well. Its quite amazing! You can also see the KL Tower right next to the twin towers, which they say has a much higher viewing platform when compared to the Petronas. But we really didn’t get a chance to check that out. 


The area surrounding the twin towers is called KLCC which is the City Center and so there is a lot to see around this place. We really enjoyed exploring the Underwater World too. But apart from these few places, you really don’t have too much to see. And KL basically has a lot of shopping malls. A LOT. So I obviously jumped at that opportunity and explored every bit of those malls to my heart’s content! party

Transportation in KL was not very easy. Getting cabs is no easy task, so we had to walk quite a lot from place to place. Luckily our hotel was in the heart of the city and everything was in walking distance, so thankfully we didn’t have to fret too much. The monorail is also a good option to travel around the city, but we really didn’t get a chance to use that. One great thing that we found in KL were the free buses. Yes, FREE. These pink buses keep moving around the city and go to all the important places in and around and hence made things quite easy for us. You will just have to find out where you can board these buses and you are good to go! 

Like Thailand, finding vegetarian food in Malaysia too was quite a hassle. The only decent meal we ever had on the whole trip was probably on the plane while travelling! 😐 I don’t get why we can’t find decent vegetarian food in any of these south-east asian countries without a struggle. We are not asking for pure vegetarian restaurants or anything… just easy availability of basic veg food in at least a few places would be sufficient. Thank god for MTR and their ready-to-eat goodies. We somehow survived. 

Apart from Kuala Lumpur, the other place we visited in Malaysia were the Genting Highlands. KL and Genting are very different from each other. One was extremely hot and the other was extremely cold. One was a very busy and a highly cosmopolitan city and the other was a quiet little town (or city?). 

The highlight in Genting was travelling in the cable car to reach on top of the mountain. It was a 4.8 kms stretch and was a very beautiful experience. We had absolutely no idea on how cold Genting would really be. As KL was extremely hot, we were not prepared for what Genting had in store for us. It’s called ‘the place above the clouds’ and it truly is! 

Genting is well recognized as the city of entertainment, and you can enjoy a round of fun rides in their indoor/outdoor theme parks, try your luck in the only casino in Malaysia or test your golfing skills in one of the most reputable golf resorts there. We also really enjoyed the Snow World. Overall, the whole place was amazing! 


I also feel due to time constraint we missed out visiting a lot of other beautiful places in and around Malaysia. 4 Days to see 1 whole country is practically impossible I know! And knowing absolutely nothing about a certain country doesn’t help either. But there’s always next time. Will definitely go back to Malaysia again and visit Langkawi, Penang, Perhentian and Cameron Highlands next time! 🙂

Thanks for coming in and reading my post. I am so glad that this blog allows me to share so much about my life, my views, my experiences and my adventures, so today I’m posting a few pictures from our vacation in case you’d like to see the world through my eyes! 🙂






Until my next adventure…. it’s Adios from my side amigos! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Malaysia Travel Guide

  1. Refreshed my memory 🙂
    Did you go on any rides at Genting? My first roller coaster ride was there along with my parents (which I didn't expect from my parents :P) was awesome fun!
    I thought you visited Batu caves as well.. That's another nice place.. u get delicious peanuts there.
    Apart from that we were taken to Putrajaya (seat of Malaysia's Parliament) and another place in the city where there's a confluence of 2 rivers (names forgotten 😦 ) from which the city got its name

    As you've mentioned… you should visit Malaysia again and visit few more places 🙂

    Oh yeah I learnt a few words there… (few = two) 😛
    Tanda- loo
    Dilarang- Prohibited

    I could see these words almost everywhere 😀


  2. LOL.. 'Tandas' was one of the only few words I picked up from there as well! 😛 😀

    I feel we actually missed out on visiting quite a few places in and around KL… and no matter how much you google, you still wont know too much about a place. But there's always next time! Will go back to Malaysia and stay for a longer period next time and see the rest of the places! 😉 😀


  3. It was nice reading through this travelogue Rash!! 🙂 Genting sounds really interesting…. :)Apparently you had been to Ripley's there in Malaysia… that's great!! 🙂 Enjoy and keep us posted!! 🙂


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