Black List!

I’m feeling particularly irky today, which means it is a great time to post a blacklist. 😀 To protect the guilty, this list will exclude any people who rightfully belong there, save for politicians and/or celebrities already in the public eye; instead, I will focus the bulk of my dislike on annoyances and peeves of the non-human variety.dislike thumbs down GIF

Here they are, in no particular order… 
  • Fake accents.
  • Questions of a personal nature posed by nosy people.
  • Episodes on TV that are “To be continued”.
  • Ignorance in all of its forms.
  • Abusive language or behavior of any kind.
  • Juice that is warm – it’s just not right.
  • Crowds, especially those of slow-walkers who don’t realize they’re in the way!
  • People speaking loudly on their phones in the theater.
  • Gum that gets all rubbery or loses flavor in mere minutes.
  • Headlights that shine way too bright and blind us when travelling at night.
  • People who lie for no apparent reason and think the rest of the world is dumb enough to believe their lies.
  • Show-offs! 
  • Kids that are allowed to run around and make tons of noise by their irresponsible parents.
  • Odors that are foul.
  • Pot holes on the road that make you cringe at every step.
  • Bugs and Rodents of all varieties.
  • Swear words used by people just to sound cool.
  • Trash, particularly cigarette butts, littered in otherwise beautiful and pristine outdoor areas.
  • People who walk right in the middle of the road and don’t bother to give way to oncoming vehicles. (Applicable only in India 😛 )
  • Umbrellas that get stuck exactly when it starts pouring.
  • Vehicles parked right in the middle of a crowded area!
  • Wet towels on the bed, on the floor, or just about anywhere they don’t belong.
  • Excessive make-up worn by women during a morning walk! I keep laughing in my head… (Seriously ladies, get a damn clue!)

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