15 Inflight Essentials every Traveler needs!

15 inflight essentials you absolutely need

Travel is an inherent part of my life and I feel I have finally come to a point where I know exactly what I need and how to pack efficiently.

Carrying the perfect carry-on/personal item is very important. I previously traveled with bags of all shapes and sizes and never had a specific agenda. These bags were either too small, too big or too painful to carry. That’s when I finally started carrying bags that were ergonomic, spacious and easy to use.

I have a couple of favorite bags in different sizes and I choose the bag based on the length of my trip and the amount of stuff I might need. I am writing a post about my favorite carry-on bags (personal item), so keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

Let’s start off with my list of favorite inflight essentials that I absolutely need and carry regardless of the length and type of travel..

  1. RFID Passport Wallet: I’ve already spoken about this in my previous post and even though a passport wallet is not necessarily an inflight essential, I can’t tell you how handy and essential these are. Apart from protecting you from identity theft, these wallets safely store your passports, boarding pass and other important documents in one single spot.
  2. Tech Accessory Organizer: I am quite organized and love using handy pouches or organizers for everything. This organizer helps when you want to find your chargers and cables during your flight and don’t want to fish them out from the deep abyss of your bag!
  3. Wipes (of all kinds!): I am a germophobe and I absolutely cannot (and will not) travel without my wipes. I always have multiple packets of face, makeup, hand and anti bacterial wipes in every bag. It is my absolute must-have product.
  4. An iPad or tablet of some kind: I have been on long flights with bad entertainment systems that either don’t work or just have bad audio and video capabilities. That’s when I started carrying my own entertainment options and made sure I had plenty of downloaded TV and movie options before boarding any flight.
  5. Laptop & Charger: We always have at least 1 laptop with us while traveling. You can catch up on work, blog, do research on your destination or just watch movies on those long, boring flights!
  6. Noise Canceling Headphones: When you want to Netflix and chill in peace! 😀
  7. A book & a magazine: As much hassle as it is to carry a physical book, I still wouldn’t give it up for an e-book. I love them and cannot travel without my books.
  8. Neck Pillow / Travel Pillow: When you want to zone out and get some much needed zzzz’s!
  9. Eye mask & Ear buds: These are your best friends on those crazy, long flights.
  10. Basic makeup & skincare pouch: My skin gets extremely dry and dehydrated on flights, so I always carry my favorite skincare minis to hydrate my skin and some basic makeup to freshen up before landing!
  11. First Aid Kit / Medicine pouch: It is always best to travel with some basic medicines and a first aid kit while traveling. Can’t tell you how many times it has been a lifesaver for us.
  12. Blanket Scarf & a pair of socks: I always carry a blanket scarf and a pair of snuggly socks in my bag to protect myself from chilly aircons in the flight. If I am heading to a cold destination, I also have a pair of gloves and probably a hat handy, so I won’t have to fish them out of my suitcase before stepping out of the airport.
  13. A cardigan / light jacket: A light jacket or cardigans are handy on those flights with freezing aircons. Always have options but make sure they are not too heavy and bulky!
  14. Gum/Breath Mints: When you want to smell minty fresh!
  15. Snacks, snacks and more snacks: The healthier snacks you carry, the better. Trust me! Apart from dehydration and not getting enough exercise on a plane, the reason most of us have swollen feet or face after a long flight is because of the salty, unhealthy food and snacks we eat on the flight. Make sure you limit junk food and keep yourselves hydrated to look and feel fresher when you land in your destination! 🙂

Hope my inflight essentials gave you inspiration to build your own travel essential kit. Until next time…

See you in the skies! 🙂




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