For some time now, I have felt awash with the tedium of routine. The longer it lingers, the more its weighty grip squeezes me dry. Drip by drip everything is fleeing – inspiration, motivation, purpose.

Life is always so full and enriched with things to do, people to meet, places to go to. We’re always up and running and so busy all the time, aren’t we? Life happens and forever rushes forward in full speed. And we too let ourselves fall victim to the monotony of everyday life. 

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I can’t believe we are already in the second half of 2012. Time really flies! I feel it was just yesterday that I wrote a post about my Resolutions for 2012! And when I think about what I have really done in these past few months that stands out, that I did different, that made me happy, that I did for myself – I come up with zilch. I haven’t been writing that much. I have not been able to finish a book I had started reading months ago or let alone, even catch a decent movie. I have just allowed myself to fall prey to the humdrumness of life.

Every day has 24 hours, yet we always wish the days were longer. There are so many things that we want to do, like exercise, eat well, read a book, write, see a movie, go away for a few days. But we don’t. And blaming our hectic everyday life for not doing these things is not right either. Work IS important and there’s no denying that but learning to manage our time efficiently is a skill I need to learn.

The truth is… I really don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. There is no dreaded sense of urgency or desire to conform. No fear of setting down roots before I wilt. I appreciate the unknown, the randomness that is my life. I enjoy playing the game, but just not by the rules. 

To ask me what I’m doing with my life is like asking a monkey for the square root of pi. You’ll never get the bloody answer… 😀

No one ever has life all figured out. We are always learning and growing and life itself is a mystery.. and it’s okay to feel a little clueless sometimes I guess.

I constantly keep waiting for Inspiration to magically crop up and get me moving! But, Inspiration is normally seen in a feisty struggle with imagination, creativity and common sense, all of which compete for our attention daily. Inspiration can take many forms. Some days it can be a book, sometimes a blog, a painting, or even a walk in the park. Often for me it is a musical score or a burst of nice, bright sunshine to get my thoughts in perspective. 

We need to live in the moment… which is right NOW. I have a habit of either thinking about the past or the future. I completely ignore the present and fail to realize that only the present is existential. The past is simply a collection of memories, and the future is nothing but our imagination, our dreams. Reality is here – NOW. It is up to us to grasp it and make the most of it and don’t mistake today for just any other day, doing the same old thing. Who knows, today could be the day our life changes forever! 😀 And thinking about that possibility, I feel so chirpy… so optimistic! 🙂 Yet, most of us are not willing to open ourselves up to all of those amazing opportunities. We get up thinking we are going to go do the same thing we did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. We get so caught up in routine and day to day life, we forget that it only takes one moment to change our entire life. ONE SINGLE MOMENT. 

Everyday has something special for us to discover, if we can allow ourselves to see it. And sometimes, they are hiding in the most unexpected of places. Imagine what would happen to our life if we started waking up this way each day? With PURE POSSIBILITY. 🙂 I am sure our life would be more joyful… more positive!

I know life is an eternal quest to know oneself… and I am still learning. One of the main goals in life is about finding our purpose. It’s about finding what we love to do the most and finding the time to do those things. It’s about living our life with passion, searching for what gives our life meaning… It’s about being in tune with who we really are and making an effort to stay grounded no matter what.

So, I am making a promise to myself today, that I will take one step at a time. Live life one day at a time. Do not think about the past or worry about the future. Because, as much as I would like to think that I enjoy the uncertainties of life, there is an ultimate bottom line. That bottom line is I’m hopeful. Even though, at times the pessimist in me comes out in full force, there is always that teeny tiny ray of hope at the bottom of my heart, at the back of my mind that tells me that things will be great, that makes me believe the best in people, that makes me believe that things work out the way they do for a reason, even if they aren’t really the way I wanted or envisioned.

Today is all we have and if we take a step towards making our today bright and shiny, then our tomorrow will beautifully fall into place and be full of sunshine and hope! 🙂 So let us give our best and live each day to the fullest… and live in the moment! Because, as someone very rightly said, “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, and that’s why it is called the Present“. 🙂

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