Favorite things… A – Z

The bleakness that was coursing through me from past few days was replaced by sunshine and rainbows this morning. No, I’m not bipolar, but I think my mood is proportional to the number of hours of sleep I get. And as a result, my disposition shifted significantly, and now I’m ready to post a list of my favorite things… the ones that give me warm fuzzies inside. 😀 Some superficial… some not! 😉 I also wanted to post something positive to counter the weariness that was circling around me from quite a while; consider it a ying-yang, balance-out-the-universe sorta thing. 😀valentines day love GIF

Lets start with…

Art – Be it any kind. 

Bookstores – I could seriously kill several hours wandering through these places. (Also, Beaches, Books, Birthdays and Blogging)

Chocolates. (Duh!)

Dogs (Diamonds? 😉 )

Evening walks – Especially on those breezy, windy, gloomy & rainy evenings!

Fuzzy slippers and flannel pajamas, especially in the winter (so comfy!)

Golaaa (Yumm! 😀)

Hugs (Also, Handwritten notes, Holidays, Hammocks!)

Internet – What an amazing piece of technology. A whole world of information is opened up to us. I wouldn’t literally be here if it wasn’t for this! 🙂
 It’s awesome! 

Jewellery.. especially the dainty kind.


Love ❤ 


Nightlife and the buzz of it on busy streets.

Ocean sounds


Quick wit



Travelling – to new and exciting places.

Unexpected kindness


Washed sheets and blankets on a newly-made bed – that first sleep is always the best! 🙂

XOXO .. and lots of it! 😀

Young-at-heart attitudes people have, regardless of their biological age.


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