Fork in the road…

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Have you ever felt like you’re at the edge of a crossroad? That somehow you’re feeling more inclined to take the direction that seems completely out of line with how you actually perceived your life to be? For the past couple months, I’ve felt like I’ve walked back-and-forth in front of that proverbial fork in the road, not knowing exactly what I want to do or where I want to be. I am often looking north, south, east and west wondering which direction I should go. My legs and mind are moving so slowly. I am stuck in the middle of that damn crossroad again! Questions, uncertainties, more questions, at times doubt, have shrouded my mind, lingering like dark, heavy clouds. There have been moments of clarity, where I see myself becoming more aware of what actually matters and what is important, which I now see as wonderful signs pointing to something that I wasn’t previously conscious of. But, there have also been moments of great confusion and exhaustion, where by the end of the day, all I want to do is to pull the damn covers up over my head and block it all out.

Let’s be real, part of growing up is learning to manage all the uncertainties we’ll face throughout life. But it’s definitely easier said than done. I certainly don’t have all the answers. I’m still young, or so I’d like to think!
 😉 And I’m learning every day, just like everybody else, how to be a better person and how to make sound decisions. But, I know for certain that every experience I’ve had has led me to this point. No experience is ever a waste of time. I’ve learned the most valuable lessons from the most unexpected moments.

CHANGE is the only thing that is constant in life. Seasons change, our jobs change, friendships change, relationships change, and circumstances will always change. But even when we know change is inevitable, I don’t know why we get so bruised up and bent out of shape when it actually happens! I am for better or worse, an emotional person. I also over think, over react and have a flare for the dramatics. Trust me, It’s a lethal combination! 😀 And this can sometimes be very stressful. So, over the last few years, I’ve started to look at situations with a little more ease and perspective. I’ve realized that things will change in life no matter what… whether we like it or not! So its best to accept things the way they are and move ahead. And letting go of expectations is the single most important thing we can do for our well-being. When we stop expecting our lives to turn out a specific way, we will be able to release the pressure and let our lives unfold naturally the way it is meant to.

And learning to be patient will make the clocks seem to move much faster than if we are constantly staring at it. 
Maybe my fears, at this point in time, are becoming heavier because they are being brought to the surface where I can actually see them. They are no longer stagnant; instead they are waiting to be released. That crossroad is still ahead of me, but I keep reminding myself that just because I take one road, doesn’t mean it’s going to be a dead end. There will always be another route, another detour, another brilliant sign that will lead me to yet another unforeseen place. Life is often uncontrollable, but I feel that we always have control with what we choose to do with it at the end of the day. Now, I just have to take the leap, even if that means I can’t see what lies ahead, because, really, who ever does?

Lesson for the Day: Life can be happy or sad. It can be half full or half empty. It’s up to you on how you look at it. Stop worrying about how full or empty the glass is, and just Drink Up! 🙂

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