Style, Fashion & all that Jazz!

Over the last few years, my interest and fascination for fashion and all things glamorous has intensified quite a lot! :D The most enticing aspect about Fashion is the prospect of being able to push reset, replay, and have the opportunity to renew our styling outlook completely whenever we want! I am not saying that we should do away with what we already own and what we’re currently wearing; rather, we can look at what’s currently on tap and try to incorporate trends that would suit us best. But as we all know, Fashion can be quite difficult to follow. In an industry where a particular color, fabric or pattern is insanely hot one minute, can be totally out the next. There is no doubt that keeping up is no easy task. But I feel there are certain trends that never go out of style and can look amazing anytime, anywhere on anyone, if worn in the right manner! 

I have always been very much clued in on what’s in, what’s out and what really works when it comes to clothes. Whenever I see and like an outfit, my mind goes into complete overdrive and I start picturing the outfit with accessories, shoes and jewelry that would work for it. And just like any other girl, I too love shopping and getting dressed up as much as I can. Just wish my bank account would allow that without a limit! :D 


So…. If you are NOT one of those people who cares or even gives a thought about Fashion and all that crazy chit-chat, you should probably not read ahead. But, if you are a fashion bug as much as I am – scroll along to know more! cool

Following are the trends that I absolutely LOVE and wish are always around.  First up………..

Polka Dots

Polka dots are personally my most favorite. I love them! They look so sophisticated and classy. My love for polka dots is in fact so extreme that I pretty much have everything that I can possibly own in them… clothes, shoes, bags… et al. But they should never all be worn together at the same time – EVER!

Floral Print

Floral prints are evergreen! They look amazing in any season or time.

Leopard Print

Leopard prints are something I have recently taken a liking to. I was never a big fan of it before, but now I really like them. When it comes to leopard prints, I feel subtlety is the key. Just like polka dots, they should never all be worn together at the same time either. You wouldn’t want to look like an escaped zoo animal now, would you? :D They can make any outfit turn around from normal to chic in a jiffy! 

My most awesome leopard print item has to be the one below. It was so AMAZING that I just couldn’t stop myself from buying! love struck

(And yes, we are back with the shallow and materialistic blog posts again! tongue)


When it comes to NEONS – balance is very essential. We can either try color blocking or something completely neutral to equilibrate the brightness that they bring to an outfit. But when teamed with the right clothes and accessories, Neons can look really chic!

All Things Glitter

I agree that I and You don’t get invited to too many (or none) of the amazing galas or red carpet events that much!  But that shouldn’t deter us from wearing fabulous & fashionable clothes! If there isn’t an event, create it.  Or we can at least try wearing a few of these shiny, beautiful things on an evening out. Go try!

Geometric / Aztec Prints

Now Geometric and Aztec prints are two different things, but I love it when both of them are put together in an outfit. Luckily, I found something similar recently. It was an awesome mix of both. Viola! :D


Stripes are more of a classic trend which never goes out of style. Its easy to wear and always looks comfortable, chic and suits every body type if worn right. Stripes are totally being re-invented these days. I am getting to see everything from horizontal, vertical to diagonal, zig-zag, abstract and all other variations in them. They look great!

Pleated Skirts

I love these twirly lil’ things! :D They are so pretty. Just wish we get to see more of these in Indian retail stores… and soon!

Pussy Bow

I have been seeing this trend pick up speed quite a lot from last one year. I have majorly seen a lot of celebrities sport this look and it looks great! I was on the lookout for a perfect pussy bow blouse from forever. I finally found something that I absolutely (as usual) HAD to pick up! love struck *sigh*


Statement Jewellery

Truth be told, you will not frequently find me wearing too much jewelry or any jewelry in fact, unless there really is an occasion. But I am really loving chunky, statement necklaces these days. They look so beautiful. They can turn any outfit around completely. And apart from statement necklaces, I have lately started liking neck pieces with quirky pendants too. Especially the ones with angel wings, butterflies, owls, hearts, et al. 

Colored Denims

Even though the whole world is going berserk over colored denims, I still love the good, old normal blue jeans, any day! Colored denims are good too, but not in every freakin’ color there is on earth… like the ones available these days. The retailers are going a tad bit overboard, don’t you think? They haven’t spared any color there possibly is! I personally love Turquoise, Red, Electric Blue, and Coral in the whole stack.

Pointed Ballerinas

Now all of us know that ballerinas have now gained the status of a wardrobe staple. But apart from the normal ones, there are some really pretty pointed ballet flats coming in these days. They look so cute! love struck


I don’t think these can EVER go out of style. The higher the better!

Bags, Bags & more Bags!

Now, I hadn’t included these in the list initially thinking they wouldn’t necessarily be a trend. But I guess no outfit is complete without a trendy bag to go with it. Bags in every shape and size is a must in every girl’s wardrobe!  


So there you go! Those were some of the Fashion trends/must-haves that I absolutely LOVE. I am sure there are a lot more out there. But will share them with you in future posts. Would love to know some of your favorites too!

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy, busy, crazy day to come in and read my post! :D

Until next time……….

5 thoughts on “Style, Fashion & all that Jazz!

  1. Great post! Loved the way u concluded it for I had devil wears Prada on my mind from the beginning 🙂
    It was like reading a fashion magazine.. You've got talent Rash!
    I expected bag/ clutches on the list too! Surprised you didn't include them! :-P.


  2. hahaa… Thanks madhura! 🙂

    I was actually in a double mind abt including bags & clutches in the list too… but ended up not puttin them thinking they might not be a trend! 😀 Its never too late I guess… might include them later! 😉

    Thanks for reading! 🙂


  3. Hey Rashmi… I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!! 🙂 It was just like going through some fashion website or magazine!! Just to mention… my fav has been Polka dots and animal print…:D Leopard print being a fetish for me for quite sometime now… 😀

    Thanks for posting such a lovely and colorful post…. loved it!! :* Great going gal!! 🙂


  4. Madamoiselle,Vous êtes une fashionista!!

    Colorful,effervescent n FAB post!
    U r so artistic Rash.

    U can give the bloggers a run for their $$$.

    Loved reading it n will re-read umpteen no. of times!



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