Hellooo 2014!

The overriding observation of 2013 is that it sped past my eyes in a flash and I struggled to keep up with the pace. I have never had such a packed year of work, travel, and socializing. I traveled to a number of places this year, had quite a few long and short vacations, attended a lot of weddings, read and wrote more than I expected and tried to find time for family and friends in between it all. It has been stimulating and exhausting but I managed to get to the end! 😀

Being such a busy year, the opportunities for personal achievements were rather slim. This year was mostly about Work, Travel and Blogging. Here is a brief summary of what I got up to:

Work: I finally settled down into my new role at work, which absorbed a lot of my mental and physical energy, and I can’t quite believe that I have been in this post for a year now. I have had a number of professional achievements that I am proud of and I hope to build on these in the coming year.

Blog: Managing to keep my blog going amongst all the work and social pressures was difficult, but I somehow miraculously managed to keep it alive. Sometimes blogging feels like a thankless task but there are enough successes along the way to make it worthwhile. The fact that writing has become such a big part of me now is truly surprising! 🙂

Travel: I did a good amount of travelling in 2013. I visited 2 countries this year, with multiple visits to numerous places in and around India. I hope to keep up the trend in 2014 too!

Hopes and Expectations from 2014: 

Better health, 
Less stress at work, 
Less worrying,
More traveling, 
Interaction with better people, 
More reading, 
More writing, 
More focus on achieving personal goals, 
Stupendous blog readership growth (I see that you, yes YOU are already helping me achieve that! 😉)

So that’s that folks! I always love the beginning of a new year! 🙂 What is it about a new year that just makes you want everything to be new and fresh? I love the fact that it gives us a chance to start over. And no matter how the previous year was, a new year always brings in so much positivity and hope for the year ahead. 365 new days with 365 new opportunities to make things happen and get them right! 🙂 I really hope the year 2014 will bring you all that you can ever hope for and more! Best of luck and Happy New Year! 🙂

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