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To love traveling, you simply have to have an imagination. You have to have a mind that sustains on the allure of the unknown, that wants to see more than it knows, that is perpetually dissatisfied with the reality of life. Every destination is a fantasy, and therefore inevitably as disappointing as it is exhilarating. So the moment the fantasy of one destination is replaced with memories of it, you create new fantasies! No matter how many places you visit how many times, if you are a traveler, you will always be restless.

We all like to spend time pouring over pictures of far-flung destinations we’d like to visit; often we might add them to a bucket list of places we want to see. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at a distant corner of the world thinking how much I’d love to go there, and then forgotten to note it down. I finally decided to pen down a list of places that I would want to visit at least once in my life. I actually want to see every possible place on planet earth. But, just in case that plan doesn’t materialize, I will make-do by visiting the following places! :D

Below are the places that I want to see/visit at least once before I….. well, you know what!

15) The Fairy pools of the Isle of Skye, Scotland

Legend has it that if you dunk your face in these enchanted waters for 7 seconds, you will achieve eternal beauty! :D Not sure if it’s true, but what the heck, it wouldn’t hurt to try, will it? If not for eternal beauty, I would most definitely want to see this place for it’s beautiful lavender fields and the awe-inspiring scenery around!

Image result for Fairy pools of the Isle of Skye, Scotland

14) Amazon Forest

The lure of this Brazilian rain forest is undeniable. Someday I want to go there to enjoy the sheer beauty of the forest and spot some of the amazing wildlife I’ve heard so much about, while on a cruising down the majestic Amazon River of course.

Image result for Amazon Forest

13) Zugspitze, Germany

Zugspitze is the highest peak in Germany and is home to three glaciers. They say on a clear day you can see up to 250 kms at a stretch from this peak. You can also see four different countries from here – Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. How awesome is that? :D

Image result for Zugspitze, Germany

12) Dead Sea – Jordan

I have always been so fascinated and intrigued by the Dead Sea. It is one of the most bizarre lakes in the world. Because of the high salt content in the water you can easily float around. Imagine reading a magazine or solving a puzzle while peacefully floating around in the Dead Sea! winking

Image result for dead sea

Image result for dead sea

11) The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest sights in the world. This massive, man-made wall stretches for thousands of miles and is atop a mountain ridge that delivers awe-inspiring views of the surrounding area. I would definitely want to visit this place some day!

Image result for Great Wall of China

10) Christ – The Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

Each great city has its own landmark. Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Statue of Liberty in New York, Opera house in Vienna, The Colosseum in Rome and when it comes to Rio de Janeiro – it’s the statue of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor).

On a 700-meter high Corcovado mountain, stands this giant figure of Christ, his arms are stretched out to the sides to symbolize a cross, and the massive pedestal below symbolizes a globe. They say each year, nearly 2 million tourists and residents climb to the top of the mountain to take a photo besides this monument “for good luck.” The view from this mountain is breathtaking! Take a look at this for a panoramic view!

Image result for Christ - The Redeemer

9) Rome – Italy (Sep 2017)

Is Rome the world’s greatest city? Very possibly! Why? Because it has the most amazing collection of treasures which span millennia! The antiquities never fail to amaze me – who can really believe that the Colosseum was built 2000 years ago and is still standing! This place brims with so much art, character, and religious architecture.

Vatican City is another place that I’m dying to visit. There are glorious examples of architecture through the ages in Rome’s villas and piazzas and in iconic sights like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. And after reading so much about Rome in so many books, I just have to see it!

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8) The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

I don’t think there is any other better place for deep sea diving/snorkeling than in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I have heard that they have amazing snorkel safaris and various dive trip options to choose from! Great Barrier Reef is 2,600 kilometers in length and is easily the largest living structure on earth. It is also the only living thing visible from outer space. This massive underwater wonderland is composed of more than 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands that house a whopping 1,500 species of fish, 30 species of whales and dolphins, six species of sea turtles and more than 215 species of birds.

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7) Kashmir, India

A land of anomalies, Kashmir is the most beautiful place in India – with its snow-capped mountains and scenic landscapes. Despite the politically-induced territorial division, Kashmir still remains as one of the most celebrated tourist locations in India and the world. It has the most beautiful gardens, lakes, and valleys and it truly deserves the title of being called ‘Paradise on Earth’!

Related image

6) Pangong Tso – Ladakh, India (June 2013)

Leh is a small town in Ladakh. It is situated on the banks of Indus and is surrounded by the beautiful Himalayan mountains. The biggest highlight of Ladakh has to be the Pangong Tso lake. Pangong Tso is a 130 kms long pristine blue lagoon at an altitude of 4250m. It is shared between India and China, with about 40 kms of it in India and the rest in China. I must have seen this lake a million times on Television and in random Bollywood movies. It is so mesmerizingly beautiful that I just HAVE to visit this place some day.


To be continued…

Want to know what the ” Top 5 places ” on my travel bucket list are? You will have to come back for my next post! 😉
(I’m going to pretend there are a billion people waiting with bated breath for numbers 1-5 on this list. Wait, imaginary people, wait!) 😛

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